1. What is the difference between your Custom on-site Service and the Starter Stoop?
Our custom service is designed for large scale stoops, patios and pool decks.
This service includes a consultation, planter recommendations and sourcing and onsite seasonal planting.
We take into consideration the clients home and garden when designing the container plantings. 
Our starter stoop planters are small scale pre-planted containers delivered right to your door at the beginning of each season.

2. What areas do you service/deliver to? 
Starter Stoop - Greater Vancouver Area
Custom Planting - North Shore and Vancouver only at this time

3. What are the delivery costs?
Flat rate Delivery within the lower mainland: $35
Free local pick up upon request.
4. What will the delivery dates be for my Starter Stoop?
We deliver a fresh insert at the beginning of every season. 
Fall - September
Winter - December
Spring - March
Summer - May
5. How do I place my order for a Starter Stoop?
 Simply place your order online and we will deliver at the beginning of the season it is ordered.

6. Can I make special colour requests for my plantings?
We pride ourselves in our design and colour compilations using the seasons best flowers and foliage.
However, if you wish for specific colours we will do our best to accommodate. 

7. Do you have a store/shop we can visit?
At this time we do not have a storefront, however we are happy to come onsite for a custom planting consultation.

8. Can I give a Starter Stoop as a gift?
Our Starter Stoop is a lovely gift. We would be happy to deliver and can enclose a card with a special message.
9. What if I own my own pot, do you have inserts that will fit?
Our inserts are designed to fit our Starter Stoop planters. We do not sell inserts on their own.
10. Do you offer maintenance and watering?
We include one complimentary maintenance visit per season with our custom onsite planting service.
We also enclose watering and care instructions with both your custom planting service and starter stoop planters. 

11. Do you ship outside of Canada.
 At this time we currently ship STOOP Essential items within Greater Vancouver.