Watering Instructions

Caring for Your Outdoor Planter

Watering: Your plants and flowers will thrive if they are watered regularly.
During the summer months, your outdoor planter will need watering everyday. During the cooler months once or twice a week. 
A good rule of thumb, if your soil is dry an inch below the surface, it is time to water.
When you water, make sure to pour deep inside the planter directly on the soil, rather than on top of the flowers and foliage. 
Wet leaves and blooms can cause rot or spotting.
Light: The types of plants in your planter will determine their light needs;
from full sun (6-8 hours each day), to partial sun (4-6 hours indirect light) to full shade.
Fertilizer: Use outdoor container garden fertilizer during the growing season. 
We recommend using water soluble fertilizer each time you water for best results.

Flower Care:  If you notice your blooms have extinguished, gently pinch at the base of the stem
and it will help the plant regenerate, bringing you more blooms throughout the season.